Groomsmenfrom L to R (Joesan, Shawn, James, Me, Alan, Craig, Tommy)

…as told in their words:

James Carlos – Best Man
“As Joe’s younger brother, it is a great privilege to be asked by Joe to be his best man. I met Joe on the day I was born and have been following close behind ever since. Growing up together in those early days, it was natural for us to look out for one another, have the same interests and enjoy life in similar fashion. Even now, at greater distances from one another, I feel that it is special that we are even closer still and continue to share much of the same qualities. I honestly couldn’t ask for a better teacher, friend and brother.
But, also as expected, there are those things that are not common interest. Some of you may be aware of Joe’s passion for science fiction, comic books and sci-fi/comic related action figurines. You know, X-Men, Spiderman, and Star Wars to name a few. We never really saw eye to eye on this topic growing up and I shifted my enthusiasm in another direction. It’s funny now, because he was right…these things are pretty awesome!
Although Joe continues to still have a strong interest in these imaginary and superhuman beings, it is beyond question that he is truly passionate about his very own super human. I know one important thing about Cat. She has made Joe happier than I have ever seen him. And that special ability has no match, even against Magneto and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.”

Tommy Carague – Groomsman
“Tommy met Joe during their freshman year at UCI when they were suite mates at their first dorm Ciudad. Since then, they’ve lived with each other for the past twelve years. Throughout that time, they’ve spent countless hours hanging out, making up strange phrases, and building years of random memories. One of Tommy’s favorite memories of Joe was when Joe brought up the idea of entering into a domestic partnership to save on taxes and to get on Tommy’s vision plan at work. Other favorite memories of Joe include the time when Joe slept with a burrito stain on his shirt one New Year’s eve (he refused to change), the time Joe spilled his drink in Vegas because of a shock from static while touching a slot machine, and the letter Joe left when he moved out. Tommy and Joe have shared a lot of interests, from skateboarding to Battlestar Galactica (only the best show on television).

Tommy still remembers the time when Joe and Cat first started dating and feels lucky to have been there when it all began.  He saw them grow as a couple and got to see how happy they’ve made each other throughout the past couple years.   He’s really thankful for all the things Cat and Joe have done for him, like throwing him a bday dinner after one of the most stressful weekends of his life, not letting him die when he had heat exhaustion (word to the wise, don’t get drunk the day before going skydiving), and inviting him over to play Scrabble and watch BSG (don’t worry Cat, there are only 7 episodes left).  They’re awesome friends to have and Tommy’s honored to be a part of their most special day.”

Shawn Hanley – Groomsman

The first time I met Joe was during freshman year fall ’96 in the UCI dorm of Cuidad, along with my fellow groomsmen Craig and Tommy. If you can imagine he was a shy quite fellow, and the only Pilipino I’ve ever heard of living in the Central Valley. Since then things have definitely changed. After living in the dorms we became great friends and continued to live together in the Irvine for the next five years.

Trying to think of a favorite memory with Joe is really difficult because there are so many. From the all the car rallies, Tahoe trips, PCNs, and the countless nights hanging out they’ve all been so great. It’s exciting to know that will be so many memories to be made with Cat and Joe! It’s going to be snice (so nice)!

Joe has always been like a brother to me and I couldn’t be happier to see him with someone like Cat. I’m truly thankful and honored to be part of their special day!

Craig Lew – Groomsman
“Lets see… the first time I saw Joe was in high school in Tulare.  We had to of been Sophomores.  I was introduced to Joe through our mutual friend Jason Uchita.  After that its all history.  I was pretty much at his house every moment I wasn’t at mine.  James and Joe are my 3rd and 4th brothers.  We ran amuck all over Tulare and Visalia.  A lot of the time our weekends would start with skateboarding trips around town and end with some sort of havoc.  One time comes in to mind when we decided to “borrow” polititican signs from all of Tulare.  We would go out late at night and see how many we can collect.  We would load up the green vandura with them.  I’m sure if you open the attic access in Joe’s old room in Tulare you will probably find them still there.  Soon after we graduated Tulare Union we both decided to attend UC Irvine.  From the start of our first year we were always a couple doors down from each others.  Not to mention roommates our Sophomore year in Palo.  We had a lot of good times during college.  Another memory comes to mind when Joe had to wear his man bra because he decided to get daring while snowboarding and broke his collar bone.  He had the stones to keep snowboarding that day also.  I have too many good memories to list here… so I will end with this, I haven’t been able to get to know Cat like I know Joe… but what I do know is that she has to be a very special woman.  I haven’t seen Joe happier than he is when he’s with Cat.  I wish the best to them and I will see you in Hawaii.”

Joesan Diche – Groomsman
“Joe and Joesan both attended UC Irvine, but didn’t become close friends until after they graduated in 2000. Joesan didn’t know Joe personally, but knew of him, and that even though he was a quiet guy, he’s heard stories of his sarcasm, sense of humor, and infamous burst of laughter. One of the first things Joesan remembers about Joe was during their P-grad rehearsal. Joe brought a portable TV with him, keeping an eye on the Lakers’ championship series against the Indiana Pacers that year, as everyone would always check in with him on what the score was. Another crazy and random moment that Joesan remembers was later that year, 21 of their friends, including themselves, crammed into one room one weekend at the Aladdin Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. While all of us were crammed throughout the room trying to find a comfortable place to sleep, Joe found himself a nice spot to sleep in: underneath the desk at the corner of the room. Throughout the past few years, they have became good friends and eventually roommates, traveling together to cities like Las Vegas, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York. Joesan was one of the first people to witness the beginning of his beautiful relationship with Cat. And now, Joesan is proud and honored to witness their marriage firsthand as one of Joe’s groomsmen.”

Alan Pacificador – Groomsman