Arlene, Michelle, Cat, Danielle, Mimi & Mariel
Arlene, Michelle, Cat, Danielle, Mimi & Mariel (and Anna in spirit!)

…as told in their words:

Danielle Asuncion – Maid of Honor
“Cat’s been my best friend for the past 10 years.  We were randomly assigned to be roommates in the dorms at UCI where we realized that we had many similarities like our Dream Machine alarm clocks and our affinity towards Mazda Miatas!  A year later, we realized that we even had family members in common, which may explain our sister-like relationship.

Cat is the person that I call to vent out my frustrations, the first person I want to call with big news, and the person that I call to go out and party!  She’s a great listener and always find ways to cheer me up.

My favorite moment between Cat and I happened in Newport Beach at a friend’s party. I’ll spare the gruesome details, but write that it ended with her outside throwing up and me being interrogated by a cop.
=P  [College was great]

Now that we’re adults, I feel so lucky to have Cat in my life.  I am so happy that she’s found Joe and I can’t wait to celebrate their marriage in Hawaii.”


Anna Lee – Bridesmaid
“Catherine and I met in sixth grade and we became instant friends.   When we were growing up in Tracy, there were not thatCat & Anna at her SF condo many Asian people.  So when I saw this little Asian girl in my class that looked similar to me (well, except for the braces and glasses), I thought she has to become my new friend!  And off we went.  Catherine and I did everything together.  We would call each other every night to talk on the phone, even though we had spent the entire day together at school.  We would both be doing something else while being on the phone with each other, such as homework, watching tv, or eating, and we might not even be talking to each other, but we still had to be on the phone.  It’s a good thing that local calls were free!  Catherine is one of my oldest and dearest friends.  She’s loyal, generous, and thoughtful, and I’m really lucky to have her in my life.  Even though Catherine and I have lived in different cities since graduating high school, when we talk it feels like we are back in middle school again.  One of my fondest memories with Catherine was hanging out in her room doing whatever it was that teenage girls do – gossiping, looking at magazines, trying on clothes, etc.  Catherine’s bedroom was my second bedroom!”

Arlene May Florendo – Bridesmaid
“Catherine and I met about 23 years ago and she has been my favorite older cousin ever since.  I’m so lucky to have grown up with a cousin who is like another sister to me.  Through the years she has provided another perspective on life for me and has been a great role model for me to learn from and with.

The similarities I share with Cat keep us close.  We love us some Gucci and are constantly complimenting each other’s style.  We value family and even with her hectic schedule she manages to fly up to the Bay Area for parties and brings us together on the internet as the commissioner of our Family Fantasy Football League.

One of my favorite moments with Cat is when my mom was teaching her how to drive in the James Logan High School parking lot and she ran into a bush.  It was a frantic moment, there was screaming but all was forgiven in the spirit of learning.  No damage was done to the car, and I’m sure the bush grew back.  I laughed so hard, we all did. I’m glad I was there to share that memorable growing up moment with Cat.”

Michelle Joyce Florendo – Bridesmaid
“Honestly, I can’t imagine my childhood without my cousin Cat (or Cathy, as I knew her back then).  No, really, I can’t.  Even paging through photo albums, she was always by my side.  We would have joint birthday parties, dance to Madonna, and take turns sitting on and punching in the nose of a giant stuffed bear that sat in our patio.  She was as close to an older sister as I could possibly have had.  Up until the end of elementary school, I think I saw her every day.  And even after she moved away, she would still come over often to be with my sister and me.

My favorite memory is when Cat became a teenager, and she would come over to baby-sit us.  Once, he decided to cook us omelettes with ham and cheese for breakfast.  I guess she hadn’t mastered the skill of turning over the egg, because when she plated up the eggs, they were broken and scrambled.  We called them “omelettes, Catherine-style.”  Even today, when I’m eating in a diner or cafe, I think of scrambles and frittatas as “omelettes, Catherine-style.”

Despite us growing up to be two very different people hundreds of miles away from each other, I am so glad to have Cat as my older cousin, to look up to, to get advice from, and to be the other person in embarrassing photos of us in ruffled dresses from the 80s.”

Mimi Vo – Bridesmaid
“I met Cat freshman year in the dorms at UCI. Cat, was one of the people living in the dungeon (aka 1st floor) of Vista. Having been Danielle’s roommate, they both were known as the “gangster” girls of the dungeon.

The fact that we have been friends for 10 years and still want to hang out with each other is a pretty good demonstration of why we are so close. But more importantly, I think the reason why we are so close is because we have been through a lot (happy, sad, fun, and frustrating times, boyfriends, jobs, living spaces, etc.) and we are willing to support and care for each other. I believe a good friendship is kind of like a marriage. Sometimes you love the person, sometimes you can’t stand the person – yet at the end of the day, you are still willing to love and to commit to that person unconditionally. Cat has a big heart, a caring attitude, and a strong personality. I may not always agree with her (vice versa), but the one thing I can always count on is that she is loyal friend. If you’re ever in a fight, you always want her on your side.

One of the fondest memories that stand out to me was 2nd quarter, freshman year.  At that time, we were all starving students. There were only 2 weeks left of school before the end of the quarter and I had no money left in my bank account. At that time, Cat was the only girl with a car in the dorms. I was kind of desperate and asked her if she wouldn’t mind driving me to San Diego to pick something up. I was too embarrassed to tell her that I needed to get some money from my grandma. Without hesitation, she said sure – no problem. The drive down was nice because we talked about school and boys (I believe I was getting to know David at that time). When we got to San Diego, the only money my sweet grandma had was $30. I humbly took it and went back up to Irvine. On our way back, we stopped by one of the stores in Mission Viejo. I don’t remember why. But what I do remember was buying Cat a Chucky toy from the Rugrats as a thank you for taking me.  Cat was very much into the Rugrats at that time. That toy cost me $10 bucks, leaving $20 bucks to last me 2 weeks. It doesn’t make sense to do that, but I did it anyways.  However, Cat driving me down to San Diego just to pick up $30 buck doesn’t make sense now either. I guess the point of my story is that sometimes we do things for our friends NOT because it always made sense, but simply because they asked you to. Cat did it simply because I asked her to. This just shows what kind of friend she is – someone I could rely on whenever I needed it. I love you Cat!”

Mariel Sim – Bridesmaid
“It’s been roughly a decade since I’ve been kickin’ it with the Catsters.

We had the lovely opportunity to meet each other through our freshman year at our UCI dorm, Vista.  Let me tell you…it was NOT love at first sight. Primarily, I was hesitant to speak to her…she was so intimidating with her NorCal lingo, her fabulous sense of style and her blond streaked bangs…But then I approached her and she smiled and was very nice! We’ve been buddies since and I totally love her and she loves me.

We love each other so much that we even did a couple of stints of being room mates, partied together like there was no tomorrow and even went half way around the world to live in Japan together.  Now, we’re still together, just a tad older in our safe havens in OC, livin’ it up adult style, getting’ hitched and all that… with big days planned at home depot and bed, bath and beyond…still barkada.

Cat has been a constant in my young adulthood–she is genuine, thoughtful, highly organized, punctual and very FUN to be with! Thank the lord for caring friends named after animals!”