Catherine Jennifer Wenceslao

…but to her family and friends, she’s known as Cat, Catter, Cattie, and the occasional Cooter.  She was born on Friday, November 7, 1980 in the year of the Monkey to proud parents, Florina and Pacifico Wenceslao. She arrived exactly at 9:55am at Washington Hospital in Fremont, California. As the only child, people may call it being spoiled…but really Cat believes she’s been truly blessed with everything her parents and life has given her.  Hardly alone, Cat spent most of her childhood growing up with her younger cousins, Michelle and Arlene as well as her older cousins in San Francisco, Gina, Gary and Gloria. It wasn’t until middle school when Cat and her parents moved from the Bay Area to Tracy. If you ‘Google’ Tracy, you’ll notice its very different from the Bay Area — cows, farmland, windmills, more cows, ranches, undeveloped land…you get the picture. Without her high school best friend, Anna, she wouldn’t have survived small town life! After high school, Cat was ready to move away and attend this thing called college. Wanting to go somewhere new, Cat decided that UC Irvine was where she’d begin life post prom, SATs and ASB.

In 1998, destiny brought her to 102B at the Vista dorm hall in Mesa Court at UCI. There she met her best friend, Danielle, her Maid of Honor as well as Mariel and Mimi, two of her bridesmaids. Realizing early in her first year that Biology wasn’t her path, Cat graduated in 2002 with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. Still in search of an adventure, in 2003, Cat moved to Hiroshima, Japan where she taught English for almost a year.

After returning to America, Danielle helped Cat find a job at the small pharmaceutical company she had been working at. Always knowing that it was just a pit stop job and not her career of choice, Cat has always wanted to get into event planning. With minimal experience in the industry, Cat went back to school at CSU Long Beach for her Event Planning Certification in 2005. This stepping stone got her foot in the door and currently plans corporate events and meetings as a Senior Account Manager at PRA Destination Management.

On the side, Cat loves to help plan dinners, weekends and parties with friends, watch football, HIMYM, Grey’s Anatomy, SportsCenter and cry over Extreme Makeover Home Edition, along with Jon & Kate plus 8 marathons… keeping up with her Fantasy Football leagues, hanging out at Treasure Island beach, trying new restaurants, eating anything fried, finding the best sales, online shopping and reading Joe’s mind.

John Joseph Carlos

A long time ago, in a land far far away….

*cue Star Wars theme song*

Ok ok…but it’s true, I was born way back in December 2nd, 1977 all the way in Baltimore, MD.  Yes, I share a birthday with Britney Spears….so next time it comes around I’m sure you’ll all remember, right?  Anyways, I was born to my loving parents, Juanito Carlos an engineer and Dr. Aleyde Carlos a pediatrician. I was an only child for 18 months and then I was joined by my brother James. I don’t remember Maryland much at all since I was a little kid, I think it was cold and yeah…that’s it.

We moved to California when I was 3 years old.  Where in California?  San Francisco?  Noooo…  Los Angeles?  Noooo… but glorious Tulare, California!!!  Where in the world is that? Well, it’s in the central valley, right between Fresno and Bakersfield.  Ok ok, right in between San Francisco and Los Angeles in the Central Valley.  Tulare was a good place to grow up, it wasn’t close to anything but it wasn’t far either.  3.5 hours to either LA or SF and 2 hours to either the snow or the beach.  It was a nice and quiet farming town, hot summers (100+ degrees) and cold winters (40 degrees and below), going to school 2 hours later than normal because of “foggy day schedule” because the fog was so thick in the winter, days off to go to the Tulare County Fair, playing AYSO soccer, and just being a normal kid.

My mom passed away in 1992 after a long battle with cancer when I was just 14.  And that moment definitely just changed my life.  I do miss her and love her and I’m just happy to know that she’s up in heaven pain-free and just watching over me.

I went to  St. Aloysius Catholic school from Kindergarden to 8th Grade.  Uniforms, small classes of like 25 people or so (that was the graduating 8th grade class), church, being an altar boy, playing all the sports that they offered since everyone got on the team.  Good times.  I then went onto Tulare Union High School.  Going from a class size of like 25 people to a freshman class size of 400+ was a shock and just took a little getting used to.  Throughout high school I took my fill of honors and AP courses (5 of my 6 classes senior year were  AP courses, giving me a GPA of 4.89) and also participated in some sports like cross country, track and field, tennis, and soccer.  Yeah, I wasn’t really a nerd, but I wasn’t really in the cool clique, but just a normal kid I guess.

I went to UC Irvine as a Biology Major and dormed in Ciudad.  I LOVED college.  Not so much the studying part, but the social part and the part where you’re basically living on your own.  I met a lot of awesome people that I’m still friends with through the dorms, class and especially Kaba and PUSO (Filipino clubs on campus).  I graduated in 2000 with my BS in Biology and got a job at Interactive Medical Technologies (IMT) doing lab work and processing animal and blood tissue.  Currently, I work as a QC Chemist at Stason Pharmaceuticals in Irvine, CA.  I recently bought a house with Cat in Aliso Viejo.  I enjoy collecting comics, Marvel Legends toys, and pretty much everything else.