The Beginning of the Rest of my Life!!!

So here’s the story….(as written in Joe’s blog 6/2/08)

I had asked Cat’s Dad and Mom for her hand in marriage when I was up North for Easter (March 23) and I had kept it a secret until this past Saturday…for 2 whole months! I knew I wanted to propose in front of her whole family since Cat is really close to her family. So I was planning to do it on the next family gathering…but I had no idea when that was going to be.

Until Cat’s Auntie Beth said that they were going to have a Graduation/Birthday celebration for Cat’s cousin Arlene on May 31st! HOORAY! Perfect time to propose!!! Except that I was already going to Lou’s bachelor party in Vegas that same weekend. DAMMIT!!!….But wait…that would be PERFECT because Cat would have NO CLUE at all. For all she knew, I would be in Vegas the whole weekend! So I knew that was the day…May 31st, the day I was going to propose.

So this past Thursday I flew out to Vegas with the guys for Lou’s bachelor party and had my fill of fun. Cat flew up to the Bay on Friday night to celebrate her cousin’s birthday/graduation. Cat thought I was going to be in Vegas from Thursday night to Sunday night…but I hopped on a plane Saturday afternoon to Oakland where my brother picked me up and we drove to Cat’s aunt’s house where the celebration was being held.

I met her mom outside where she passed off the ring to me. (She had it the whole time because there was no way I would want to be carrying that thing around in Vegas…I would be so paranoid I would lose that thing). Cat’s family is big on games and so they were all together in the backyard ready to play a game (or so they thought)…that’s when I made my entrance.

Cat saw me and she was just surprised “HEYYY!!! What are you doing here?!?!?” and then it hit her, she saw my brother, she saw her mom crying, she saw the camera’s all out and that’s when she realized what was happening, her eyes filled with tears…and she just started to cry. I had a little speech all written down and memorized on the flight to Oakland from Vegas but I only got a few lines in before I dropped to my knee and asked her if she would marry me. As shocked and surprised as she was, in between buckets of tears, she said “Yes” and made me the happiest man in the world.


  • I was never nervous at all really…not until we got to the house.
  • Saturday I threw Cat off by calling her and telling her our plans for clubbing later that night and told her that we were going to the pool and then gamble and I’d call her later that night (so she won’t call me when I’m in the middle of the airport and she hears something).
  • On the cab ride to the airport in Vegas the cab driver asked why I was leaving Vegas on a Saturday and I told him I was going to propose to my girlfriend…he then asked, “is she going to say yes?” and that was the first time that I realized there was more than one answer. She could say no! I thought about it for a little bit but knew she would say yes…
  • The plane had engine problems before taking off and I thought I was going to be really really late and might have to catch a new flight to Oakland (b/c the lady sitting next to me actually worked for Southwest and she said that they never get it fixed and always have to get another plane which takes an hour or so) but luckily they fixed it quickly and we took off just 10 minutes behind schedule.
  • Basically the only people that knew about the proposal prior to this weekend was Cat’s parents, my Dad and brother and that’s it. I eventually told some of the guys during the weekend and also called up Cat’s aunt for help in finding a way to get everyone together somehow.
  • I got on the same flight home as Cat did because I got her flight information from her mom and basically booked the return flight the same day she booked hers.

So that’s the story. I totally surprised her, she had no idea at all. Everything went as planned and that’s what you get when your fiancè is a corporate event planner, she’s definitely rubbed off on me. Such is the life of Cat and Joe…