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we’re really getting maui’ed!

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So realization for me has finally set in…after over a year of being engaged and wedding planning, it has finally hit me that I’ll be hopping on a plane and getting married in a little over 2 weeks! I’ve always looked at my countdown clock that Karen gave me and saw the days pass but still think of our wedding day to be in far future — but now there’s no more months to countdown, just days…yikes!

Much has happened since my last blog…let’s see — we had both our wedding showers, up north in the Bay Area (thanks family for a great time!) and at the UCI Pub (thanks everyone that could make it, it was soooo much fun!) Both our showers had really fun games…Family Feud (always a hit!), Win, Lose or Draw and a fun but tiring scavenger hunt game around our college campus. It was great to spend time with our family and friends which makes us really excited about going to Maui.

Our shower in the Bay was also the same weekend as my bachelorette party in the City (that’s San Francisco for all you non-bay areaians, there’s only 1 city for us ha ha). We started off with heading to the City and checking in to our hotel downtown to get ready. Then we hit up CIRCA for a light dinner (since we ate our way through the day at our wedding shower). If you ever go there, make sure you order the Lobster Corndogs and say hi to Chef Eric (who was apparently a contestant on Top Chef, but sorry to say I don’t watch the show!) After dinner, we made our way to Apartment 24 where the debauchery began. One of my bridesmaids, Mimi faciliated a scavenger hunt game that broke us up into 2 teams for the evening. Each team had a list of tasks that we had to accomplish throughout the evening to gain points for your “Diva” team. Each girl had a “Diva” name…of course the bride to be’s Eva the Diva’s team won! After a couple bottles of table service, we were definitely having a good time, and by the end of the night, the alcohol won and I lost. But it was totally worth it and such a memorable time. The next day we spent relaxing and recovering at Anna’s condo at One Rincon Hill  — thank you Jesus the hospitality suite had a nice couch for me to lay down on and nurse my hangover. Thanks to my MoH, bridesmaids, Ana and Sherie for a wonderful and memorable time! I’ll spare the crazy details on here, but I will tell you from the photos we had a lot of fun and I was definitely that girl that night. A special thanks to my cousin Michelle for taking the spill for me not once, but twice! And one of the best presents I have ever received, the girls created the fastest scrapbook known to man during our recovery day at Anna’s with loads of pictures, sentiments and memories of my bachelorette night. Ahhh…good times.

But it looked like everything had taken a toll on me…the constant craziness at work, all the wedding planning, the stress, the traveling, wedding festivities…because I got really sick last week…for the ENTIRE week. I was literally out of commission. My body just had it with me and my busy life. I came down with some bronchial infection and had a fever for 4 days! I hadn’t been that sick in years. Needless to say, I’m glad that there’s still 2 weeks til my wedding, hopefully enough time to be back at 110%! I’m feeling a lot better this week although, still nursing a sinus headache. Don’t have too much going on this weekend so hopefully I can continue to rest and recover!

Yesterday was my final fitting for my wedding dress. Mom and I drove up to LA to get fitted one last time and with all my stuff that I’ll be wearing on wedding day. And I was happily pleased to see it all come together. I remember the first time I put the dress on I was half way through tears of joy, now I’m just really excited that the feeling of becoming a bride is starting to resonate.

After my fitting and working for a few hours I hit up more wedding planning — got myself organized, flushing out more logistics, transitioning things over to Ops Mode as we would call it at work. I got a lot accomplished yesterday and it makes me feel a lot better and hopefully shorten the list of things to do before Hawaii. Because once I’m in Hawaii…its vacation and wedding time and I have made a promise to myself to enjoy every moment of it and not get bogged down with anymore logistics or planning. The wedding mantra “It is what it is” will become my motto and not that I won’t care, I just won’t let things get to me *crossing fingers* I keep this promise to myself!!! So whoever is coming to celebrate with us in Maui, please make sure I don’t let myself down! =)

With just two weeks left there are a few things I’m still working on: finalizing the music/playlist for our reception; finalizing and printing programs; assembling last of the paper pieces; tying up loose ends with our church coordinator; coordinating guest information and growing our pile of things to bring to Maui so we can start the packing process! All in all, we are in good shape if I do say so myself (*invisible pat on my own back*)  Really, at this point I’m kinda over planning, sometimes when another thing comes up that I need to plan I painly moan to myself and can’t wait til all the planning is done and the celebrating and partying begins! After 14 months of planning our special day will finally come to fruition — it’ll be amazing no matter what because Joe and I will finally be married!

welcome spring!

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Spring is here! Which means 149 more days to go…yes this wedding countdown clock that Karen gave me stares back at me with the days/hours/minutes/seconds that we have left until our big day. Ha ha. Thanks Karen for the ultimate reminder! I’m just curious to see if it ticks like a time bomb when its crunch time. Let’s see…what have we been up to? Well we have another bonding day with the Danny’s in store for us…we’re going wedding band shopping later this month! Whooop whoop! Time to design our jeeewwreees! Thanks Mom for letting us use your hookups at the LA Jewelry Center. Joe wants his band to be a large round diamond that has a hole cut out in the center to slide his finger through, ummm yeah buddy…you have a crazy imagination! We’ve secured the location of our OC wedding shower, Laguna Niguel Regional Park. Save the date SoCal’ers…August 8th! View our calendar for other updates on important events leading up to the wedding. Like Joe’s bachelor party weekend in SD — get ready for ComicCon! Dr. Manhattan anyone? Ha ha. I know he’ll have a great time, he LOVES his comics. I also secured a cosmetologist to do my hair and makeup along with the other girls in my wedding party. Hi Marci!!! (if you’re reading my blog! =P ) Oh yes, we also finalized our song list for the church ceremony. Yippee! So things are moving along…I’m also busy helping the BFF with her some of her wedding plans…I can’t believe it’s only 3 months away, I can’t wait…so excited, its going to be so beautiful and crazy fun! I really need to start thinking about my MoH speech. I’m not a great speaker (although I know a lot of you may think just because I’m loud and sometimes crazy I should be) — butterflies will be fluttering for sure! Oh yes, and how can I forget…I’ve been trying to be consistent with my wedding diet…ha ha ha, yeah right! Well I am trying to work out more and because I’ve given up fried foods for lent, that has also helped me eat better…but I know once Sunday hits, I will be feening for some yummy fried goodness at my family party! Mmmm, I hope there’s lumpia!

deal of the century

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So another month has flown by yet again! February, the short month, makes time fly by like a turbo jet. This weekend was actually quite productive which makes me so happy. Friday we booked all our air travel for Hawaii — yippee! We’ve been comparing so many different deals, trying to wait it out to see if airfares would drop anymore, scared that the next day they would skyrocket…but as I was comparing on, I said heck I wonder if I can book our inter-island travel for our honeymoon with AA too (initially thinking we were just going to book with an inter-island airline b/c it looked cheaper) — so I re-entered or flight requests and BOOM! it came back with the same price it was originally giving me for just our flights to/from Hawaii without our inter-island flights…whhhhaaa???? Joe and I kept looking at the computer screen to look for our mistake, that we entered something wrong, but low and behold…we didn’t! So cha-ching! We booked immediately! It was a no brainer, it was like getting our inter-island travel for free! And I thought that was the deal of the century…but wait there’s more…

So yesterday, Joe being the best fiance in the world — accompanies me to make the drive out to Temple City so I can get fitted for my maid of honor dress for Danielle’s wedding. I rewarded his bravery with a lunch date to Din Tai Fung Dumpling House (thanks BFF for the recommendation…it was delish!) Our day was planned afterwards to hit up the mall and check out different styles/outfits for our groomsmen and dress options for our bridesmaids. So on our way back, our first stop was David’s Bridal. Joe, still the best fiance in the world mans up and walks into this crazy mess hall with me to check out dresses and to see if their Juniper color online was anything close to my wedding color. It was fairly close, but the dresses were not what I was looking for. So we walked out and took a detour to Nordstrom Rack…got a deal on a new pair of trail shoes, then headed out to the motherland — South Coast Plaza. We spent a fair amount of time there — trying to put together different coordinates to see if they match, how it looks on a real person and not a hanger, and just walking into random stores in the hopes of a miracle that a peacock blue spring/summer dress was just sitting on the rack waiting for us to buy. And nothing. Feeling a little defeated in our search, we head over to the Irvine Spectrum. I wanted to stop by Macy’s to show him a possible groomsmen outfit I saw when I was there the other day. He tried it on, and I immediately told him to take it off. Definitely did not look good on. Ha ha. So we were starving at this point and about to call it a day when I came across a rack of chocolate brown vests on our way out…and OMG, they were perfect. So we grabbed a bunch and headed over to the dress shirt section to find one that would compliment…and OMG, we did! While I was hoarding all of the stock in my hands, Joe was trying to contact his groomsmen for their sizes. As we collected all their info, we noticed that the store only had one Medium vest and we needed a total of three. Damn! Of course, a hurdle to the finish line. So we walk up to the cashier to pay and pray that another Macys near us has the last 2 vests we need. The sales rep tells us that yes there are 4 mediums at Mission Viejo Macy’s. Puuuurfect! So as the sales rep is ringing us up, he asks us if we want to pre-sale our items for an additional 25% off on top of the current sale. We say sure! If you are a frequent shopper at Macy’s, you know that they have a crap load of sales, coupons, etc. Its crazy! The one day sale is like everyday! So anyways, he rings up all our stuff — 4 vests and 6 dress shirts, and tells us our grand total is $200. Say what? Joe was thrown off and asks how much are the vests? The sales rep tells us, $7.49 each. US Dollars? Without complaint, Joe hands him over his charge card and we look at each other with our ‘best deal ever’ faces, take our receipt and walk out the door. You know your a shopper if you find happiness and glee with a deal of the century. This immediately prompted me to blog this morning.

Our night wasn’t over quite yet. We still needed the 2 Medium vests to be complete. So we drive over to Mission Viejo mall and we insist on making it a contest — person to find the vests wins! We love pretending to be on Supermarket Sweep which is what it felt like ha ha. So we look, and look, and look, and I’m getting that defeated feeling again in my stomach. Couldn’t find it — so I ask a sales rep to help us find them. And she can’t find it either. So basically they could be any where on the first floor. Determination fueled an hour long search, every rack, all the fitting rooms, our gut is telling us they are here….and Eureka!!! Joe finds them on the other side of the store, right after I walk right past them. He calls me back to the rack he was standing at and there they were a full rack of the chocolate brown vests we needed. We hit a freeze frame high-5, grabbed what we needed and were on our way. After 7 hours of shopping, our mission was complete. We celebrated our deal of the century with drinks and pizza at BJs.

Its the greatest feeling to snag a deal of the century — but its even a greater feeling to have the best fiance in the world who is also the best shopper.

say yes to the dress…

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…which I did yesterday! Never realized how excited it was going to make me feel when you find the ‘one’. And I’m not talking about Joe sillies, I’m talking about ‘the dress’. So I made an appointment five weeks ago for Danielle and I (background check: Danielle is getting married on July 4th, whohoo) to try on wedding gowns at One Night Affair, this designer gown rental place that my co-worker Kellie told me about (thanks Kel!!!) We both woke up bright and early for our appointments, anxious, excited and a little nervous! If you know me and the way I shop for clothes, I’m really not a time waster…if I see some shoes or a top that I like, its like love at first sight and joins the rest of my wardrobe instantly. I’m not the type of person to sift through every rack of clothes, shelves of shoes or piles of accessories. If I don’t find it within 5-10 minutes of walking into a store, its not meant to be and I get the heck out of there! My wedding dress experience was much like a normal day at the mall out shopping…I hung 6-8 dresses to try on and I said yes to the dress I was holding the first 10 minutes I began searching through the store. It was the 2nd one I tried on, a beautiful Vera Wang runway designer gown that made me and my best friend want to cry. I didn’t want to take it off because my short search was over and all I wanted to do was stare back into the mirror to really start envisioning my big day with my beautiful dress……but knew I should keep trying on more to make sure that was ‘the one‘. So after 6 or 7 more dresses I tried on and rejected, the sales manager asked if I wanted to put the Vera I loved back on me. And when I came back out with it on again, I was absolutely, 100% certain my moment realized, Vera and I were meant to be.