We’re Maui’ed!!!

Sorry we haven’t updated this in a long time….but….WE’RE MAUI’ED and Cat and I had the greatest time ever with all of our friends and family that could make it out to celebrate. Thank you to all our loved ones for such an unforgettable experience!

I know you’re probably eagerly waiting for updates (or just forgot about this site since we’re already married) but if you want to check out some pictures from our wedding check out:

Cat & Joe’s Wedding: Photo Collection from Friends & Family

Cat & Joe’s Wedding: Photo Favorites

Cat & Joe’s Wedding: Frank Amodo Photography (coming soon!!!)

We could go on and on and try to describe such an amazing and perfect day, but we think the photos really speak for themselves!

For those of you who went and took pictures and haven’t uploaded yet, please do so. It’s always great to see our wedding from another person’s point of view!!!

Also….just b/c we’re married now, don’t dismiss and forget this site. It’s going to be our blog/website with all our goings ons and stuff. We’ll try to update it as much as possible!


Mr. & Mrs. Joseph and Cat Carlos

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