focus, focus, focus!

Hello! I’m back. We’re back. Miss us? I’ve put wedding planning on the back burner so I could focus on my MoH duties to the BFF. Her wedding last weekend, was AWESOME! So honored to see the two Danny’s become man and wife…twice! And yes, just as I’ve always imagined, I was a crybaby throughout — but happy tears of course. Wedding day goes by so fast — its crazy. What great memories — a FUN time at rehearsal and especially at dinner…BEST rehearsal dinner ever! Ha ha. Got to see FUN Daniel and FUN Elson. Which was one of the highlights of the weekend. Good times, good vodka too, LOL. Wedding day was great fun, the Bella Victorian Vineyard is such a pretty setting for a wedding. I didn’t even realize it was America’s birthday ha ha. Had so many emotions running through me — excitement, joy, happiness, anticipation, nervousness (whew I survived my speech — now its your turn Dani =P ) One of the souvenirs I kept from the wedding is the white glove that the DJ was passing out while he spun good ol Michael Jackson hits (RIP MJ!). Definitely memories we will all keep forever and show our kids how crazy fun their parents are, ha ha!

Well, now our first wedding of the year is now in the history books…the next one is days before our own! Crazy! But it is finally time to focus, focus, focus on our wedding planning and get back into the grind. With only 3 free weekends from now til our departure to Maui, things will be nutty — but I cannot wait to hop on that plane! I know, everyone thinks I’m done planning since I’ve been planning for over a year now and its my career — but surprisingly enough there are a lot of little things that need to be done that keep running through my head. A lot of finalizing, re-confirming, designing, printing, practicing, shopping, organizing, partying, showering, fitting, packing, applying, sending, booking that we need to do. I have no doubt that it will all be done on time, my fear is forgetting something major back here on the mainland before jetsetting off to tropical paradise. I will fight the “bride brain” fever and remember everything – writing things down is key for me!!!

Yesterday we spent about 10+ hours planning (yes, no rest for the weary!) Really it was helping my parentals finding something to wear…and that took most of my day. But it was a success, after 8 hours of shopping, we found outfits! Then when Joe came home we realized we needed new dress shirts for the groomsmen, so we went out and searched for others and that was a success! Finally, once we got home, we sat down and figured out church logistics (thanks to my godmother for helping us out with the templates! that was a life saver!)

Now I’m waiting on the last of the RSVPs — come on everyone RSVP if you haven’t yet!!! Then I can start finalizing things for our reception. Yes, excitement is beginning to bubble within me — just 57 more days before being ‘mauied’!!!

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