the 90 day mark

Tomorrow marks 90 days til we fly out to Maui — WOW! And on Sunday it’ll be exactly 365 days since Joe proposed. 1 year as zipped by — amazing. Times does fly by so quickly. Three more months to go — but I feel like these are going to be the best months of planning…seeing it all come to fruition, all the little decisions that are being made, all coming together to create the most important day of our lives. Last weekend we spent the beginning of summer in La Quinta at my MoH’s wedding shower — so relaxing, I didn’t want to leave. I could have sat in that pool all day. The summer heat out in the desert felt good and made me darker shade of brown. On our way out to the desert, we couldn’t resist a stop at the Desert Hills Premium Outlets (not to be confused with the Cabazon outlets, ha ha). Amongst the foreigners, tourists and non-English speaking crowds, Joe and I did some window shopping and some minor damage to the pocketbook. I haven’t been to those outlets in years, those have to be my #1 outlet stores of all time. And yes its because of the Gucci outlet. The only one that’s driving distance and not in Italy. LOL.  I scored on some pretty Gucci wedges for my wedding…yes my something new! I am tempted to break them in, but am holding back to wait until we are closer to actually walking down the aisle. I’m glad to check that off my list and have my ‘outfit’ for my nuptials pretty much set. Now I just need to find something blue and something old. Or something that’s blue and old. Ha ha. Actually, I might have something old. Hmm…[wheels turning in my head]…

Had another productive call with my wedding planner…we are putting together our playlist and do not playlist…listening to music samples for the reception…starting our preliminary seating chart…planning the rehearsal day/dinner…ahh my list never ends.

Last week I was at Macy’s and bumped into some accessories for my bridal party — I literally was there for an hour untangling, trying them on myself, and in the end I just bought a bunch of stuff. I couldn’t really concentrate in the store and without the dresses on hand. So I took them home and was in the guest room last Saturday morning before Joe woke up trying to coordinate and researching other possibilities online. I just want to say the power of the internet was amazing. I found the manufacturer’s website, where they had a holiday promo and they were cheaper than at Macy’s! Yes! I love it. Finding deals I swear is one of my top feel good moments. Ha ha. Whew another ‘outfit’ done. Now we just need to find ring bearer/flower girl outfits and pants for the groomsmen.

More recently, this week I got my invitations back! So Joe and I turned on craft time while watching the NBA playoffs these past couple of days to assemble them together. I feel like we’ve been working on them for awhile, so yesterday when I mailed them off at the post office I felt so good that our mission was accomplished. I love them, they’re so pretty! So look out for them in the mail friends and family — and RSVP!

This week we also met with our parish priest, Father Tim. He wanted to meet with us after our Engaged Encounter weekend. He is sooo nice, but I swear its like 50 First Dates with him. I don’t think he remembers us. I felt like I had to retell my story again. Ha ha. But he’s super nice. I have a feeling he doesn’t really care to get to know us too much since he’s not the one who’ll be marrying us in Hawaii. Joe and I told each other that we have to say hi to him every Sunday so he can remember us LOL.

Well that’s pretty much my weekly update…even though I have to work tomorrow for a little bit, I’m glad that we’ll be home to relax and do stuff around the area and at home…I feel like I haven’t had a weekend home in awhile! And yes, I must get back to the gymnasium…I haven’t worked out in 2 weeks, argh!!!

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