engaged encounter

Whoa. For all you out there that experienced Engaged Encounter before your Catholic wedding nuptials…I’m sure you’ll understand where I’m coming from when I say, whoa. What an amazing experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect of this weekend, we both had no idea what was in store these 2.5 days at St. Mary’s Seminary in Santa Barbara. All I had anticipated was going to mass each day. Without being all sappy (we’ll save that for the wedding day ha ha) let’s just say that we are more in love than ever before…it’ll probably make you want to throw up how sick it is, =P — but we are sooo very excited for our wedding, I can’t stand it! This weekend was full of wedding duties (ha ha) — Friday we took half days off work and heading up to downtown LA to see our jeweler and our waxes for the bands. We were pleasantly surprised when we opened our boxes and they were the actual bands! Whohoo — they turned out beautiful…we kinda wanted to just walk down to City Hall and get married that day! Since we were downtown, we also picked up the bridesmaids dresses, which turned out great! We headed to the Danny’s home in Thousand Oaks where we then had a fashion show of the dresses to make sure they matched the shoes (which they did!) and I was happy that it all turned out good. Then in the evening the four of us headed out for our drive to Santa Barbara for our Engaged Encounter weekend up in the hills. We got up there and saw first hand the fire damage all around the seminary. Saw homes saved, saw homes not saved. It was sad to see the reality of the disaster. But when we got there, it was still a beautiful setting. Once we arrived, checked in and registered, settled into our dorm style rooms (gender separated), we began the 44 hour experience that completely changed our lives. We really wish that other couples could go through the same experience, it was great! And if you are one of those that do end up going, beware of the meals they serve and the huge snack table that’s left for the picking — its danger! I think I gained 5 pounds!

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend — we got so much done for our wedding and our marriage! Now I’m off planning the BFF’s wedding shower this coming weekend, I can’t wait to relax in the Desert! And yes, hit up the Gucci outlet at Cabazon…zing!

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