all the small things…

So last weekend I had some alone time to do wedding stuff without Joe. [He was MIA having a man weekend for a friend’s bachelor party] I started looking at bridal shoes — I’m debating if I should wear a fancy pair of shoes or just say screw it and wear some nice flips. Still an undecided decision. I spent 3 hours in the mall just looking around at all my options. I’m in no rush so I was just perusing every store since I was alone and I wasn’t pressed for time! After the mall, I hit up Tallmouse where they had a jewelry show which got me thinking about jewelry for the wedding. But I was able to pick up some metal pieces to create my memoriam photos for my bouquet and some adhesive for our seating arrangements. Crafty time here I come. We also finalized our invitations, which I’m really happy and excited about putting together when they’re done. Note to self: Don’t proof when buzzed or had too many drinks. Ha ha. Target date of completion: End of the month. So I have to get my sweatshop ready for invitation assembly…yah! I ordered our embosser and also the fabulous Midori ribbon. Midori Hummingbird ribbon was the initial inspiration of our wedding colors…its such a pretty color. It was the perfect shade of peacock blue I was looking for. Who knew a single ribbon color could transform a wedding…but it can! Brudder just finished the RSVP element on our website, it looks awesome — we’ve decided to go green and techie with our wedding RSVPs. Should work out nicely. Last week I went with the BFF to her hair/makeup trial for her wedding…she’s going to be such a beauty! That of course got me thinking of what I want my hair to look like for her wedding and my own. All these small things just get me really excited about the big day. Less than 4 months to go…tick tock, tick tock.

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