Yes, thank god its Friday! This week kicked my you know what. I am pooped. Work has picked up again. Had a crazy deadline yesterday — what crazy requests for a full program proposal with a 24 hour turnaround time for a program in April 2010? Seriously, what is wrong with people? I know, they’re Canadian! Ha ha. But I am glad that the weekend is almost here. Last weekend we had a nice 3 day-er, spent last Friday in LA with Dani and our moms as we met with my mom’s friend that manufactures bling. I got my design for my band and Joe picked his out. I feel a bit naked without my ring that I’ve gotten used to wearing. They need it for 2 weeks so they can match my band. I’m excited to see both our waxes when they’re done and of course the real thing! Its really neat to see how a ring gets made from start to finish — a whole new world for me. Joe thinks I’ll start wearing the band when I get it. Ha ha. After that, we had lunch at a great place that Auntie Aida recommended – the French Garden. Sandwiches were delish!

Since we stayed at the Danny’s place in Newbury Park, we hit up the Camarillo outlets on Saturday while they were doing their own wedding to-do’s. I think these outlets are my favorite outlets ever. Seriously. Well maybe b/c they had great deals this visit, but they just have all my favorite stores. And its not crazy big and crowded like Vegas (or in the blazing heat) either. After shopping for a few hours, Joe was really craving some Popeye’s — so we mapped one on our phone and headed straight to fried chicken and yummy buttery biscuit heaven.

We got back to the Danny’s casa and helped them put together their new BBQ grill. Let me just say that people from another country should not be writing out instructions in English…we couldn’t understand any of it! So we just let the two brainiacs (Danny & Joe) figure it out — and after about 2 hours, it was done, yay! We tested it out and grilled up some shrimp, it was yummy! I made some mac salad — which ended up to be a huge bucket full (I seriously have the filipino-ness of making way too¬† much than I need). I played RockBand for the first time — I’m a drums girl. Nothing else. Won’t sing b/c I don’t really know the words and can’t play the guitar at all.

Then Sunday was the Danny’s wedding party BBQ — good times with friends, food and fun games! Its always nice to get away from the OC bubble — feels like a mini vacation!

Then it was back to the the grind…and it hit hard this week. Monday wasn’t too bad at work but afterwards I had a conference call with my wedding planner over in Hawaii…whew, it was a long one (he he). Lots to talk about and go over which was good, especially logistics and stuff. Gotta make time this weekend to give her feedback on some things. [Mental note] But after Tuesday, it was all crazy at work. I still have work to do this weekend, ugh…plus they are re-painting my office and putting down new carpet over the weekend which means on Monday not only do I have 3 programs to deal with, I have to put my office back together. I am already not looking forward to next week. It will kick my ass. But at least its good to be busy at work = companies are meeting/planning/partying/traveling again. Come on economy, pick back up…please! Highlight of this Friday: attending a business meeting in one of the bungalows at the Resort at Pelican Hill. Very cool rooms. They’re standard rooms are basically cottages. No wonder they’re $800/night. But for a resort, I think its kinda stupid that you have to take a tram/van to get from your bungalow to the main part of the hotel. So California. We don’t like to walk. That’s what I told my UK clients today. We’re spoiled. But I love California!

Ahh…let the weekend begin!

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