happy easter!

Hello! Happy Easter friends and family! I am back to my usual self with fried foods back in my life. Ahh so delish. Joe and I drove up north to see his papa and my family. So nice to see them. We also saw the Juanley’s and had drinks with them at D&Bs. We try to maximize our time in the Bay and try to see everyone we can since there’s so many to visit! We also just booked our Vegas trip for the upcoming family get together. I started the tradition back when I turned 21 that the family all got together in Vegas to celebrate adulthood. This upcoming trip we’ll be celebrating my cousin Chris’ 21st and my other cousin Cienna’s 13th birthday. Its always good times in Vegas with my family, so we can’t wait! Easter Sunday was filled with lots of food (and lumpia for me!), finding eggs and nails around my Auntie’s house. When my grandpa was around he used to hide nails around the house since hiding eggs in our family was simply too easy because all it really was was aunties throwing eggs on the grass and we pick them up. ha ha. So the nail hunt is a little more challenging. I’m usually very bad at this game, I blame it on my eye sight…but this year Joe and I found 7 of them! For every nail you find its a $1.00 in your pocket, zing! So even though he’s passed away, grandpa is still around especially at Easter with our nail hunt. We also taught the family how to play Mafia. Yes! So fun. Its kinda funny to play with younger cousins and see how they can cover up their Mafia face. Ha ha.

Oh and thank goodness that I showed my aunt my invitation drafts because she totally caught something that I missed completely. I had put “coin” sponsor instead of “candle” — dude, I’m a nut!

So this week I’m looking forward to taking Friday off and looking for our wedding bands and then hanging out with the BFF in her hood. My goal is to also receive the BFF’s wedding shower invite order so I can mail them off. I’m also currently designing invites for her bachelorette weekend and my wedding showers, I am invite crazy right now! But I love it – pretty paper pieces make me smile. I can seriously spend hours on picking out the perfect font. Just another thing to keep my creative juices flowing. Oh and speaking of wedding showers, our OC location is moving. And I think all you Anteater freaks will be very excited. Because I am! =P

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