welcome spring!

Spring is here! Which means 149 more days to go…yes this wedding countdown clock that Karen gave me stares back at me with the days/hours/minutes/seconds that we have left until our big day. Ha ha. Thanks Karen for the ultimate reminder! I’m just curious to see if it ticks like a time bomb when its crunch time. Let’s see…what have we been up to? Well we have another bonding day with the Danny’s in store for us…we’re going wedding band shopping later this month! Whooop whoop! Time to design our jeeewwreees! Thanks Mom for letting us use your hookups at the LA Jewelry Center. Joe wants his band to be a large round diamond that has a hole cut out in the center to slide his finger through, ummm yeah buddy…you have a crazy imagination! We’ve secured the location of our OC wedding shower, Laguna Niguel Regional Park. Save the date SoCal’ers…August 8th! View our calendar for other updates on important events leading up to the wedding. Like Joe’s bachelor party weekend in SD — get ready for ComicCon! Dr. Manhattan anyone? Ha ha. I know he’ll have a great time, he LOVES his comics. I also secured a cosmetologist to do my hair and makeup along with the other girls in my wedding party. Hi Marci!!! (if you’re reading my blog! =P ) Oh yes, we also finalized our song list for the church ceremony. Yippee! So things are moving along…I’m also busy helping the BFF with her some of her wedding plans…I can’t believe it’s only 3 months away, I can’t wait…so excited, its going to be so beautiful and crazy fun! I really need to start thinking about my MoH speech. I’m not a great speaker (although I know a lot of you may think just because I’m loud and sometimes crazy I should be) — butterflies will be fluttering for sure! Oh yes, and how can I forget…I’ve been trying to be consistent with my wedding diet…ha ha ha, yeah right! Well I am trying to work out more and because I’ve given up fried foods for lent, that has also helped me eat better…but I know once Sunday hits, I will be feening for some yummy fried goodness at my family party! Mmmm, I hope there’s lumpia!


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