back to planning!

Hola! So I was on a break with wedding planning — Danielle and I took a trip to South America to visit her brother, Mark in Quito, Ecuador. Check out our photos from the trip. A well deserved break from life, although I think we could of used a few more days of relaxation…who doesn’t, right? In the end, a great time with my BFF and last hurrahs to our single days…until of course the girls’ weekend aka the bachelorette party. After my vacay withdrawls, I’m back to wedding planning and work, often times mixed interchangeably with each other. This week’s action items: reviewing preliminary invitation mock ups, finding Midori ribbon in 1.5″ width (alleluia they just released their 1.5″ line), and finalizing our photographer. We decided to go with Frank Amodo (thanks Sherwin for the referral!) We figure with Frank plus all of our other friends that will be shooting with their DSLRs, we’re bound to have a gajillion shots to remember our big day!

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