say yes to the dress…

…which I did yesterday! Never realized how excited it was going to make me feel when you find the ‘one’. And I’m not talking about Joe sillies, I’m talking about ‘the dress’. So I made an appointment five weeks ago for Danielle and I (background check: Danielle is getting married on July 4th, whohoo) to try on wedding gowns at One Night Affair, this designer gown rental place that my co-worker Kellie told me about (thanks Kel!!!) We both woke up bright and early for our appointments, anxious, excited and a little nervous! If you know me and the way I shop for clothes, I’m really not a time waster…if I see some shoes or a top that I like, its like love at first sight and joins the rest of my wardrobe instantly. I’m not the type of person to sift through every rack of clothes, shelves of shoes or piles of accessories. If I don’t find it within 5-10 minutes of walking into a store, its not meant to be and I get the heck out of there! My wedding dress experience was much like a normal day at the mall out shopping…I hung 6-8 dresses to try on and I said yes to the dress I was holding the first 10 minutes I began searching through the store. It was the 2nd one I tried on, a beautiful Vera Wang runway designer gown that made me and my best friend want to cry. I didn’t want to take it off because my short search was over and all I wanted to do was stare back into the mirror to really start envisioning my big day with my beautiful dress……but knew I should keep trying on more to make sure that was ‘the one‘. So after 6 or 7 more dresses I tried on and rejected, the sales manager asked if I wanted to put the Vera I loved back on me. And when I came back out with it on again, I was absolutely, 100% certain my moment realized, Vera and I were meant to be.

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