We’re Maui’ed!!!

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Sorry we haven’t updated this in a long time….but….WE’RE MAUI’ED and Cat and I had the greatest time ever with all of our friends and family that could make it out to celebrate. Thank you to all our loved ones for such an unforgettable experience!

I know you’re probably eagerly waiting for updates (or just forgot about this site since we’re already married) but if you want to check out some pictures from our wedding check out:

Cat & Joe’s Wedding: Photo Collection from Friends & Family

Cat & Joe’s Wedding: Photo Favorites

Cat & Joe’s Wedding: Frank Amodo Photography (coming soon!!!)

We could go on and on and try to describe such an amazing and perfect day, but we think the photos really speak for themselves!

For those of you who went and took pictures and haven’t uploaded yet, please do so. It’s always great to see our wedding from another person’s point of view!!!

Also….just b/c we’re married now, don’t dismiss and forget this site. It’s going to be our blog/website with all our goings ons and stuff. We’ll try to update it as much as possible!


Mr. & Mrs. Joseph and Cat Carlos

we’re really getting maui’ed!

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So realization for me has finally set in…after over a year of being engaged and wedding planning, it has finally hit me that I’ll be hopping on a plane and getting married in a little over 2 weeks! I’ve always looked at my countdown clock that Karen gave me and saw the days pass but still think of our wedding day to be in far future — but now there’s no more months to countdown, just days…yikes!

Much has happened since my last blog…let’s see — we had both our wedding showers, up north in the Bay Area (thanks family for a great time!) and at the UCI Pub (thanks everyone that could make it, it was soooo much fun!) Both our showers had really fun games…Family Feud (always a hit!), Win, Lose or Draw and a fun but tiring scavenger hunt game around our college campus. It was great to spend time with our family and friends which makes us really excited about going to Maui.

Our shower in the Bay was also the same weekend as my bachelorette party in the City (that’s San Francisco for all you non-bay areaians, there’s only 1 city for us ha ha). We started off with heading to the City and checking in to our hotel downtown to get ready. Then we hit up CIRCA for a light dinner (since we ate our way through the day at our wedding shower). If you ever go there, make sure you order the Lobster Corndogs and say hi to Chef Eric (who was apparently a contestant on Top Chef, but sorry to say I don’t watch the show!) After dinner, we made our way to Apartment 24 where the debauchery began. One of my bridesmaids, Mimi faciliated a scavenger hunt game that broke us up into 2 teams for the evening. Each team had a list of tasks that we had to accomplish throughout the evening to gain points for your “Diva” team. Each girl had a “Diva” name…of course the bride to be’s Eva the Diva’s team won! After a couple bottles of table service, we were definitely having a good time, and by the end of the night, the alcohol won and I lost. But it was totally worth it and such a memorable time. The next day we spent relaxing and recovering at Anna’s condo at One Rincon Hill  — thank you Jesus the hospitality suite had a nice couch for me to lay down on and nurse my hangover. Thanks to my MoH, bridesmaids, Ana and Sherie for a wonderful and memorable time! I’ll spare the crazy details on here, but I will tell you from the photos we had a lot of fun and I was definitely that girl that night. A special thanks to my cousin Michelle for taking the spill for me not once, but twice! And one of the best presents I have ever received, the girls created the fastest scrapbook known to man during our recovery day at Anna’s with loads of pictures, sentiments and memories of my bachelorette night. Ahhh…good times.

But it looked like everything had taken a toll on me…the constant craziness at work, all the wedding planning, the stress, the traveling, wedding festivities…because I got really sick last week…for the ENTIRE week. I was literally out of commission. My body just had it with me and my busy life. I came down with some bronchial infection and had a fever for 4 days! I hadn’t been that sick in years. Needless to say, I’m glad that there’s still 2 weeks til my wedding, hopefully enough time to be back at 110%! I’m feeling a lot better this week although, still nursing a sinus headache. Don’t have too much going on this weekend so hopefully I can continue to rest and recover!

Yesterday was my final fitting for my wedding dress. Mom and I drove up to LA to get fitted one last time and with all my stuff that I’ll be wearing on wedding day. And I was happily pleased to see it all come together. I remember the first time I put the dress on I was half way through tears of joy, now I’m just really excited that the feeling of becoming a bride is starting to resonate.

After my fitting and working for a few hours I hit up more wedding planning — got myself organized, flushing out more logistics, transitioning things over to Ops Mode as we would call it at work. I got a lot accomplished yesterday and it makes me feel a lot better and hopefully shorten the list of things to do before Hawaii. Because once I’m in Hawaii…its vacation and wedding time and I have made a promise to myself to enjoy every moment of it and not get bogged down with anymore logistics or planning. The wedding mantra “It is what it is” will become my motto and not that I won’t care, I just won’t let things get to me *crossing fingers* I keep this promise to myself!!! So whoever is coming to celebrate with us in Maui, please make sure I don’t let myself down! =)

With just two weeks left there are a few things I’m still working on: finalizing the music/playlist for our reception; finalizing and printing programs; assembling last of the paper pieces; tying up loose ends with our church coordinator; coordinating guest information and growing our pile of things to bring to Maui so we can start the packing process! All in all, we are in good shape if I do say so myself (*invisible pat on my own back*)  Really, at this point I’m kinda over planning, sometimes when another thing comes up that I need to plan I painly moan to myself and can’t wait til all the planning is done and the celebrating and partying begins! After 14 months of planning our special day will finally come to fruition — it’ll be amazing no matter what because Joe and I will finally be married!


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Ahh yeah…it has been feeling like summer lately…the continuous days of heat. That makes me sweat. All the wedding planning we’ve been doing. That makes me sweat too. Let’s see, since the last time I blogged an entire month has almost passed. I can’t believe the beginning of August is this weekend! Yikes! But another productive month has kept me on my toes and checking things off my never ending list of to do’s. Well, the weekend after BFFs wedding, we were up north for brudder and seester’s engagement party; our ring bearer’s 10th birthday; and my cousin’s baby shower — what a busy weekend, but so happy to be able to attend so many things and see so many people! The weekend after that we hit up Downtown LA to find outfits for our ring bearer and flower girl. Boy was it hot there. Walking around down Santee felt like being in a huge sauna with fumes of street meat ha ha. But we accomplished our search and excited to give them their outfits soon! As our reward we hit up our favorite burger bar, Father’s Office. Delish. Salivating as I’m typing. Joe was off on a man night for Jevon’s upcoming nuptials as I continued to shop for wedding stuff and had some craft time at home. Another productive weekend. Last week we were busy finalizing our paperwork with the Church and Father Tim so we can send all our stuff to the Diocese of Honolulu. So glad to get that done with. We had a great last meeting with Father Tim and can’t wait for our church ceremony. I never realized how much paperwork the Catholic Church requires. It kinda stressed me out, making sure we had our own diocese requirements checked off and also for Hawaii. But yay, its all good!

This past weekend was also another productive weekend. Joe was off on his own man weekend with his buddies, brother and cousins in San Diego for Comic-Con and the usual bachelor debauchery. I on the other hand hung out with the BFF — we enjoyed an overnight stay at the Renaissance ClubSport which was a really cool hotel that’s near our house. Really modern room and facilities and awesome gym! They have this cafe that has menu items under 485 calories! It was pretty cool. Saturday was spent shopping at the Spectrum and the Rack, then at night we focused on wedding stuff while sipping on yummy pisco sours. Over the course of 2 heavy handed cocktails, we were able to make the reception seating chart, cut ribbon, and plan games for the upcoming wedding showers. Sunday was spent eating delicious dim sum, window shopping at Costco and hearing all about Joe’s man weekend in SD.

Today, its back to the daily grind at work and I’m already looking forward to this weekend — our Bay Area wedding shower and my bachelorette party in the city. I can’t wait! My turn for quality time with the girls — yahoo! Seriously….is it Friday yet?

focus, focus, focus!

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Hello! I’m back. We’re back. Miss us? I’ve put wedding planning on the back burner so I could focus on my MoH duties to the BFF. Her wedding last weekend, was AWESOME! So honored to see the two Danny’s become man and wife…twice! And yes, just as I’ve always imagined, I was a crybaby throughout — but happy tears of course. Wedding day goes by so fast — its crazy. What great memories — a FUN time at rehearsal and especially at dinner…BEST rehearsal dinner ever! Ha ha. Got to see FUN Daniel and FUN Elson. Which was one of the highlights of the weekend. Good times, good vodka too, LOL. Wedding day was great fun, the Bella Victorian Vineyard is such a pretty setting for a wedding. I didn’t even realize it was America’s birthday ha ha. Had so many emotions running through me — excitement, joy, happiness, anticipation, nervousness (whew I survived my speech — now its your turn Dani =P ) One of the souvenirs I kept from the wedding is the white glove that the DJ was passing out while he spun good ol Michael Jackson hits (RIP MJ!). Definitely memories we will all keep forever and show our kids how crazy fun their parents are, ha ha!

Well, now our first wedding of the year is now in the history books…the next one is days before our own! Crazy! But it is finally time to focus, focus, focus on our wedding planning and get back into the grind. With only 3 free weekends from now til our departure to Maui, things will be nutty — but I cannot wait to hop on that plane! I know, everyone thinks I’m done planning since I’ve been planning for over a year now and its my career — but surprisingly enough there are a lot of little things that need to be done that keep running through my head. A lot of finalizing, re-confirming, designing, printing, practicing, shopping, organizing, partying, showering, fitting, packing, applying, sending, booking that we need to do. I have no doubt that it will all be done on time, my fear is forgetting something major back here on the mainland before jetsetting off to tropical paradise. I will fight the “bride brain” fever and remember everything – writing things down is key for me!!!

Yesterday we spent about 10+ hours planning (yes, no rest for the weary!) Really it was helping my parentals finding something to wear…and that took most of my day. But it was a success, after 8 hours of shopping, we found outfits! Then when Joe came home we realized we needed new dress shirts for the groomsmen, so we went out and searched for others and that was a success! Finally, once we got home, we sat down and figured out church logistics (thanks to my godmother for helping us out with the templates! that was a life saver!)

Now I’m waiting on the last of the RSVPs — come on everyone RSVP if you haven’t yet!!! Then I can start finalizing things for our reception. Yes, excitement is beginning to bubble within me — just 57 more days before being ‘mauied’!!!

weekend mode

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Yes, I’ve been in weekend mode all week. Why you ask? Last weekend was a fun filled weekend in Las Vegas celebrating my cousins’ 21st birthday. And tomorrow I’ll be heading out to Santa Barbara for the BFF’s bachelorette weekend. So I’m in no condition to have my mind on work stuff. What have I been up to since the last time I blogged…well, not too much exciting stuff…we’re getting RSVPs in on our site (thank you to all who have already replied, we’re so excited!), booked our musical entertainment for the reception, ordered our shower invitations, booked our wedding rehearsal dinner and now working on church ceremony logistics. Oh!!! For all you spa crazies — some of us girls are planning to relax and unwind after the wedding at the Spa Grande at Grand Wailea the day after the wedding. So if you want to join in on the R&R and experience an amazing spa, we are planning to book our appointments a month prior to the wedding.

I can’t believe its only 16 days away until Danielle’s wedding…I’m really excited to see her tie the knot and celebrate! And I’m relieved that my MoH dress finally came in – phew! Then I think after, I’ll be ready to focus on my own nuptials although I think we’re in a pretty good place right now planning wise. That’s probably why I haven’t blogged in awhile, I don’t have anything to say!

But if you want to really keep up with me…follow me on Twitter…that’s right I’ve finally joined the social networking world. Track me – cattiejen.

the 90 day mark

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Tomorrow marks 90 days til we fly out to Maui — WOW! And on Sunday it’ll be exactly 365 days since Joe proposed. 1 year as zipped by — amazing. Times does fly by so quickly. Three more months to go — but I feel like these are going to be the best months of planning…seeing it all come to fruition, all the little decisions that are being made, all coming together to create the most important day of our lives. Last weekend we spent the beginning of summer in La Quinta at my MoH’s wedding shower — so relaxing, I didn’t want to leave. I could have sat in that pool all day. The summer heat out in the desert felt good and made me darker shade of brown. On our way out to the desert, we couldn’t resist a stop at the Desert Hills Premium Outlets (not to be confused with the Cabazon outlets, ha ha). Amongst the foreigners, tourists and non-English speaking crowds, Joe and I did some window shopping and some minor damage to the pocketbook. I haven’t been to those outlets in years, those have to be my #1 outlet stores of all time. And yes its because of the Gucci outlet. The only one that’s driving distance and not in Italy. LOL.  I scored on some pretty Gucci wedges for my wedding…yes my something new! I am tempted to break them in, but am holding back to wait until we are closer to actually walking down the aisle. I’m glad to check that off my list and have my ‘outfit’ for my nuptials pretty much set. Now I just need to find something blue and something old. Or something that’s blue and old. Ha ha. Actually, I might have something old. Hmm…[wheels turning in my head]…

Had another productive call with my wedding planner…we are putting together our playlist and do not playlist…listening to music samples for the reception…starting our preliminary seating chart…planning the rehearsal day/dinner…ahh my list never ends.

Last week I was at Macy’s and bumped into some accessories for my bridal party — I literally was there for an hour untangling, trying them on myself, and in the end I just bought a bunch of stuff. I couldn’t really concentrate in the store and without the dresses on hand. So I took them home and was in the guest room last Saturday morning before Joe woke up trying to coordinate and researching other possibilities online. I just want to say the power of the internet was amazing. I found the manufacturer’s website, where they had a holiday promo and they were cheaper than at Macy’s! Yes! I love it. Finding deals I swear is one of my top feel good moments. Ha ha. Whew another ‘outfit’ done. Now we just need to find ring bearer/flower girl outfits and pants for the groomsmen.

More recently, this week I got my invitations back! So Joe and I turned on craft time while watching the NBA playoffs these past couple of days to assemble them together. I feel like we’ve been working on them for awhile, so yesterday when I mailed them off at the post office I felt so good that our mission was accomplished. I love them, they’re so pretty! So look out for them in the mail friends and family — and RSVP!

This week we also met with our parish priest, Father Tim. He wanted to meet with us after our Engaged Encounter weekend. He is sooo nice, but I swear its like 50 First Dates with him. I don’t think he remembers us. I felt like I had to retell my story again. Ha ha. But he’s super nice. I have a feeling he doesn’t really care to get to know us too much since he’s not the one who’ll be marrying us in Hawaii. Joe and I told each other that we have to say hi to him every Sunday so he can remember us LOL.

Well that’s pretty much my weekly update…even though I have to work tomorrow for a little bit, I’m glad that we’ll be home to relax and do stuff around the area and at home…I feel like I haven’t had a weekend home in awhile! And yes, I must get back to the gymnasium…I haven’t worked out in 2 weeks, argh!!!

engaged encounter

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Whoa. For all you out there that experienced Engaged Encounter before your Catholic wedding nuptials…I’m sure you’ll understand where I’m coming from when I say, whoa. What an amazing experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect of this weekend, we both had no idea what was in store these 2.5 days at St. Mary’s Seminary in Santa Barbara. All I had anticipated was going to mass each day. Without being all sappy (we’ll save that for the wedding day ha ha) let’s just say that we are more in love than ever before…it’ll probably make you want to throw up how sick it is, =P — but we are sooo very excited for our wedding, I can’t stand it! This weekend was full of wedding duties (ha ha) — Friday we took half days off work and heading up to downtown LA to see our jeweler and our waxes for the bands. We were pleasantly surprised when we opened our boxes and they were the actual bands! Whohoo — they turned out beautiful…we kinda wanted to just walk down to City Hall and get married that day! Since we were downtown, we also picked up the bridesmaids dresses, which turned out great! We headed to the Danny’s home in Thousand Oaks where we then had a fashion show of the dresses to make sure they matched the shoes (which they did!) and I was happy that it all turned out good. Then in the evening the four of us headed out for our drive to Santa Barbara for our Engaged Encounter weekend up in the hills. We got up there and saw first hand the fire damage all around the seminary. Saw homes saved, saw homes not saved. It was sad to see the reality of the disaster. But when we got there, it was still a beautiful setting. Once we arrived, checked in and registered, settled into our dorm style rooms (gender separated), we began the 44 hour experience that completely changed our lives. We really wish that other couples could go through the same experience, it was great! And if you are one of those that do end up going, beware of the meals they serve and the huge snack table that’s left for the picking — its danger! I think I gained 5 pounds!

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend — we got so much done for our wedding and our marriage! Now I’m off planning the BFF’s wedding shower this coming weekend, I can’t wait to relax in the Desert! And yes, hit up the Gucci outlet at Cabazon…zing!

all the small things…

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So last weekend I had some alone time to do wedding stuff without Joe. [He was MIA having a man weekend for a friend’s bachelor party] I started looking at bridal shoes — I’m debating if I should wear a fancy pair of shoes or just say screw it and wear some nice flips. Still an undecided decision. I spent 3 hours in the mall just looking around at all my options. I’m in no rush so I was just perusing every store since I was alone and I wasn’t pressed for time! After the mall, I hit up Tallmouse where they had a jewelry show which got me thinking about jewelry for the wedding. But I was able to pick up some metal pieces to create my memoriam photos for my bouquet and some adhesive for our seating arrangements. Crafty time here I come. We also finalized our invitations, which I’m really happy and excited about putting together when they’re done. Note to self: Don’t proof when buzzed or had too many drinks. Ha ha. Target date of completion: End of the month. So I have to get my sweatshop ready for invitation assembly…yah! I ordered our embosser and also the fabulous Midori ribbon. Midori Hummingbird ribbon was the initial inspiration of our wedding colors…its such a pretty color. It was the perfect shade of peacock blue I was looking for. Who knew a single ribbon color could transform a wedding…but it can! Brudder just finished the RSVP element on our website, it looks awesome — we’ve decided to go green and techie with our wedding RSVPs. Should work out nicely. Last week I went with the BFF to her hair/makeup trial for her wedding…she’s going to be such a beauty! That of course got me thinking of what I want my hair to look like for her wedding and my own. All these small things just get me really excited about the big day. Less than 4 months to go…tick tock, tick tock.


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Yes, thank god its Friday! This week kicked my you know what. I am pooped. Work has picked up again. Had a crazy deadline yesterday — what crazy requests for a full program proposal with a 24 hour turnaround time for a program in April 2010? Seriously, what is wrong with people? I know, they’re Canadian! Ha ha. But I am glad that the weekend is almost here. Last weekend we had a nice 3 day-er, spent last Friday in LA with Dani and our moms as we met with my mom’s friend that manufactures bling. I got my design for my band and Joe picked his out. I feel a bit naked without my ring that I’ve gotten used to wearing. They need it for 2 weeks so they can match my band. I’m excited to see both our waxes when they’re done and of course the real thing! Its really neat to see how a ring gets made from start to finish — a whole new world for me. Joe thinks I’ll start wearing the band when I get it. Ha ha. After that, we had lunch at a great place that Auntie Aida recommended – the French Garden. Sandwiches were delish!

Since we stayed at the Danny’s place in Newbury Park, we hit up the Camarillo outlets on Saturday while they were doing their own wedding to-do’s. I think these outlets are my favorite outlets ever. Seriously. Well maybe b/c they had great deals this visit, but they just have all my favorite stores. And its not crazy big and crowded like Vegas (or in the blazing heat) either. After shopping for a few hours, Joe was really craving some Popeye’s — so we mapped one on our phone and headed straight to fried chicken and yummy buttery biscuit heaven.

We got back to the Danny’s casa and helped them put together their new BBQ grill. Let me just say that people from another country should not be writing out instructions in English…we couldn’t understand any of it! So we just let the two brainiacs (Danny & Joe) figure it out — and after about 2 hours, it was done, yay! We tested it out and grilled up some shrimp, it was yummy! I made some mac salad — which ended up to be a huge bucket full (I seriously have the filipino-ness of making way too  much than I need). I played RockBand for the first time — I’m a drums girl. Nothing else. Won’t sing b/c I don’t really know the words and can’t play the guitar at all.

Then Sunday was the Danny’s wedding party BBQ — good times with friends, food and fun games! Its always nice to get away from the OC bubble — feels like a mini vacation!

Then it was back to the the grind…and it hit hard this week. Monday wasn’t too bad at work but afterwards I had a conference call with my wedding planner over in Hawaii…whew, it was a long one (he he). Lots to talk about and go over which was good, especially logistics and stuff. Gotta make time this weekend to give her feedback on some things. [Mental note] But after Tuesday, it was all crazy at work. I still have work to do this weekend, ugh…plus they are re-painting my office and putting down new carpet over the weekend which means on Monday not only do I have 3 programs to deal with, I have to put my office back together. I am already not looking forward to next week. It will kick my ass. But at least its good to be busy at work = companies are meeting/planning/partying/traveling again. Come on economy, pick back up…please! Highlight of this Friday: attending a business meeting in one of the bungalows at the Resort at Pelican Hill. Very cool rooms. They’re standard rooms are basically cottages. No wonder they’re $800/night. But for a resort, I think its kinda stupid that you have to take a tram/van to get from your bungalow to the main part of the hotel. So California. We don’t like to walk. That’s what I told my UK clients today. We’re spoiled. But I love California!

Ahh…let the weekend begin!

happy easter!

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Hello! Happy Easter friends and family! I am back to my usual self with fried foods back in my life. Ahh so delish. Joe and I drove up north to see his papa and my family. So nice to see them. We also saw the Juanley’s and had drinks with them at D&Bs. We try to maximize our time in the Bay and try to see everyone we can since there’s so many to visit! We also just booked our Vegas trip for the upcoming family get together. I started the tradition back when I turned 21 that the family all got together in Vegas to celebrate adulthood. This upcoming trip we’ll be celebrating my cousin Chris’ 21st and my other cousin Cienna’s 13th birthday. Its always good times in Vegas with my family, so we can’t wait! Easter Sunday was filled with lots of food (and lumpia for me!), finding eggs and nails around my Auntie’s house. When my grandpa was around he used to hide nails around the house since hiding eggs in our family was simply too easy because all it really was was aunties throwing eggs on the grass and we pick them up. ha ha. So the nail hunt is a little more challenging. I’m usually very bad at this game, I blame it on my eye sight…but this year Joe and I found 7 of them! For every nail you find its a $1.00 in your pocket, zing! So even though he’s passed away, grandpa is still around especially at Easter with our nail hunt. We also taught the family how to play Mafia. Yes! So fun. Its kinda funny to play with younger cousins and see how they can cover up their Mafia face. Ha ha.

Oh and thank goodness that I showed my aunt my invitation drafts because she totally caught something that I missed completely. I had put “coin” sponsor instead of “candle” — dude, I’m a nut!

So this week I’m looking forward to taking Friday off and looking for our wedding bands and then hanging out with the BFF in her hood. My goal is to also receive the BFF’s wedding shower invite order so I can mail them off. I’m also currently designing invites for her bachelorette weekend and my wedding showers, I am invite crazy right now! But I love it – pretty paper pieces make me smile. I can seriously spend hours on picking out the perfect font. Just another thing to keep my creative juices flowing. Oh and speaking of wedding showers, our OC location is moving. And I think all you Anteater freaks will be very excited. Because I am! =P

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